Richard - Orange County Ca

I have often struggled to share my faith because I didn't know how to start the conversation. God would bring people across my path and I would feel a burden to tell them about God but I couldn't seem to break the ice or initiate the encounter. Recently instead of thinking of some clever conversation starter, I have been simply asking if people go to church and then kindly inviting them to my church. It has been a complete success!! Not only do people receive my invitation but it opens the door for me to have a spiritual conversation and then present the gospel message to them. I just needed that simple tip to start the conversation with an invite!! Thanks so much! Richard 

Kayla - Riverside Ca

Just wanted to say thanks for helping me see how simple it really is to talk to people about Jesus. I actually thought it was going to be a lot harder than it has been. The method taught here is easy to remember and use!! I have been able to talk to people at school about God and having a relationship with Him. Keep it up! 

Have you recently had the oppurtunity to share your faith?

Did you utilize the HANDGELISM method or implement some tactics that you have learned on this site?

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