Christians often struggle with Starting a conversation with someone about Jesus

The first step is SIMPLE

START with a personal INVITATION to the church that you attend. 


  1. I would like to personally invite you out to the church I attend. (Give information about your church)

  2. Do you happen to go to church? why or why not?

Additional tips


When getting the conversation going, you will need something catchy or inviting to say to them. Here are a few sample “pick-up lines” for you to get started with, and don’t take them all too seriously . . .


Lines that are street ready:

Hey, how are you doing? (It sounds simple, but it works.)

Do you go to church around here?

How’s it going? I’m out here with my youth group and I wanted to personally invite you out to our church!

I would like to invite you to: (name of event)

Hey . . . is there something I can pray for you about?

Hey, can I share Jesus Christ with you?

Lines you don’t want to be caught using:

So when’s your due date?

Hi, I am not part of a cult.

So, you come here often? (Asked while in the restroom)

I’ve been praying for someone like you all my life!

You must know God, ’cause you look like an angel.

If life was a soccer ball, I’d kick it with you.