Sometimes all we have time for is something bite-size


How do we know that the Bible is true?

Pastor Jason and Chad discuss the acronym SAT and RPM as verifiable evidence, proving that the Bible is true, reliable and authoritative as God's written word. 

What about other religions? Is Christianity the ONLY true way?

Jason and Chad in this video show that Christianity's claim to exclusivity is a reasonable assertion, considering all of the evidence that supports it being Christianity being true.  

Homosexuality, Gay marriage and the Bible

Jason and Chad discuss this cultural hot topic by appealing to what the Bible says and how it applies to today. 

Is evolution something that we should believe as Christians?

What relationship is there between the theory of evolution and the Bible? Jason and Chad give 7 examples to show that evolution is based more on assumptions than evidence.

How do I lead someone to Christ at the end of a conversation?

When you are sharing your faith with a person who is interested in starting a relationship with Jesus what do you say? Chad Williams gives you three great questions to ask them. 

How could God exist when there is so much evil in the world?

This question is one that seems to be more frequently asked then all the others. Why does God allow all of the evil to exist in the world? Jason redirects the question and show how evil proves God's existence. 

What about Big Bang Cosmology?

The origin of the universe has long been discussed and debated over. See the arguments that show God is the best explanation for the origin of the universe!

Can God make a rock so big that He cannot lift it?